About Me, This Blog and This Book

Barclay left a very successful and lucrative career as a stockbroker in the late 1990's.  Not because I saw the Internet bubble about to burst but rather because I was scared straight.  I found that I was a great salesman and it was far too easy to coerce and convince people into investments that made me a lot of money and made little sense for them.

I never felt good about it but continued to cash large paychecks.  I think most stockbrokers slowly convince themselves they are helping clients and providing something of service or value when the exact opposite is most often times the truth.

I just couldn't do it any longer and so I got myself into a little trouble with the NYSE, just enough to warn myself and decide to get out of a very dangerous situation, a madoff type thing, jail time, etc.

So now, I sleep better at night and write about the wrongs, hopefully educating a few investors along the way.

Scott Barclay is a respected financial writer, sought after speaker and author.

Reformed Stockbroker is a tell all blog and book about the brokerage industry - the good, the bad and the ugly!  

Scott Barclay is still one of the only authors in this area who does not currently work in the financial industry and one of a handful who actually worked in the industry as a stockbroker!